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Alba bioclimatic pergola: imagination and pragmatism

"Dawn has its own mysterious grandeur which consists of a residue of dream and of a principle of thought". These are the words of Victor Hugo that best describe Alba (Dawn in Italian), the motorized pergola with adjustable covering that is the union of imagination and pragmatism.


Thanks to its light, compact and functional structure, Alba combines all the efficiency of a cutting-edge design with the refinement of a minimalist architectureand is equipped with the most innovative technical features. Like the aluminium sun-shade blades that can be adjusted by remote control to create the ideal climate inside the pergola.


In fact, depending on the position of the blades it is possible to adjust the amount of incoming light and ventilation, and consequently the temperature of the environment within.

If the blades are inclined and half-closed they reflect the sun's rays upwards, creating a pattern of shade below and a measured passage of air that make Alba the perfect solution even for hot summer afternoons, to enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun is high in the sky.


When placed at a maximum angle of 150°, the pergola electric roof opens completely to the light, creating an atmosphere that is a pleasant compromise between the indoors and outdoors. Indeed, with Alba inside and outside blend together like thoughts and dreams, like day and night.



Download the Corradi Bioclimatics Alba Brochure


Download the Corradi Bioclimatics Alba Technical Sheet


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