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Maestro Pergotenda: one product, multiple identities

Maestro is the aluminium pergola with multiple identities.
Not only because it is a model that is also available in the electric pergola, but above all because it offers a wide array of configurations, allowing you to customise the structure, dimensions and colours.

How? With a well-defined style and unique features that make the Maestro aluminium pergola absolutely irresistible.


In fact it is equipped with LED lights and motorised movement, but there are many other reasons for choosing and loving it:

  • Multiple available configurations for the structure, materials and colours

  • Clean look (no visible screws and incorporated gutters)

  • Concealed motor

  • Available in the Jazz version with chrome-plated gutters (while the Maestro bioclimatic pergola can be ordered in the two-tone Rock version).

Innovation, technology and great personality are the distinctive elements of this Corradi product that looks to the future of the outdoors. Indeed, aluminium is a lightweight and load-resistant material that offers the additional advantage of not needing any particular maintenance. 

So, functionality and personalisation? The architecture historian Francesco Dal Co claims that "architecture is only reducible to an unsolvable dialectic of necessity and freedom". Pergotenda®Maestro captures this dialectic allowing need and freedom the possibility of expressing themselves in a totally innovative way, to give your time a unique space, to be experienced every day.



Download the Corradi Pergotenda Maestro Brochure here


Download the Corradi Pergotenda Maestro Technical Sheet here


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