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force 10 umbrella

type tx

The Titan Solid as a rock!

Our Strong Wind umbrella is made to withstand the elements in exposed locations such as costal areas, on roof terraces and in high altitude regions. This umbrella was especially developed for extremely
windy locations and tested in the wind tunnel.


Reinforced arms, exceptionally stable hinge points and
an extremely strong mast, enable the Titan to defy wind speeds of up to 102 km/h (TS/TXS).
The gearbox and spindle mechanism located inside the mast can be operated via crank handle or crank pin, and as with all of our ranges, the entire frame is raised while closing the umbrella.

Depending on your individual requirements, type TS/TXS and TX umbrellas can be installed using concrete foundations with in-ground sleeves or base plates.

Showpiece Design Umbrella (8).jpg
Showpiece Design Umbrella (17).jpg
Showpiece Design Umbrella (28).jpg

powder coated framework


Adding heating to an umbrella really does make the differance, making it useable in any 


Choose between traditional mast mounted lights or add LED Strips to the arms


Add side sheets to your umbrella to make it a more useable all year round structure


Add your brand logo or other images to create style and a unique look


without electrics

Download the Uhlmann inground sleeve no electric information sheet here

with electrics

Download the Uhlmann inground sleeve with electric information sheet here

fabric chart

Download the Dickson fabric chart here

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