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Its a very exciting day at Showpiece HQ today. After a lot of hard work our new website is finally live!

Over the years we have had many different sites and we have always tried to take our customers feedback into account to make it as user friendly as possible And the latest addition is no exception..

With your help we have designed our best site yet!

We have tried to make everything clean, clear and very easy to find.

For example, our "Furniture" tag in the main menu takes you straight to the different materials we supply. And if you already know what it is your looking for try using our search bar at the top of the page.

This works using key words and product codes.

A new feature we are really pleased with is our online quote request form. You can find this on every product and also on our roof system, awning and umbrella pages.

Simply fill this out with as much information as you like and someone will be in contact!

Other information that has been added is all our downloads like policy's, colour charts, inground sleeve instructions, product brochures and more.

With all new websites there is a teething period but its very important to us that we are giving our customers what they want, so if you have any feedback good or bad we want to hear it!

Email us or call us on ( / 01189 843 486)

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