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Outdoor spaces are more important than ever and with the unreliable UK weather, more and more hospitality venues are looking to roof systems as a way to provide cover of their outside space. A new take on a conservatory and a budget friendly alternative to an extension.

There are a multitude of roof systems on the market giving a seemingly overwhelming choice of options. We briefly explain the 2 types of roofs we offer and the features and benefits of both.

Firstly - what are roof systems? Roof systems are an all weather cover solution, turning an outdoor space into an outdoor room that can be used all-year round. The systems can be wall mounted and be an extension of a building, or completely free-standing. The roof consists of either louvre blades or a fully retractable roof, both controlled by remote control, to allow sunlight in and keep rain out.

There are a huge range of extras that can be added including LED lighting, heating, retractable screens and floor to ceiling glass sliding doors. The frames are made from aluminium and can be powder coated to a colour of your choice so can seamlessly blend in with the garden, the building or even the interiors.

So which should you choose – a roof with louvre blades, also known as Bioclimatic, or Pergotenda®, a fully retractable canvas. Both have unique features and advantages and respond to specific needs.

Bioclimatic pergolas have a roof featuring adjustable louvre blades. These run on a motor and can be tilted up to 150 degrees in either direction, thus allowing the amount of sunlight and the opening for ventilation to be controlled. This means the internal temperature can be altered at the touch of a button, protecting against both intense sunlight and heavy rain.

The sunlight creates shadow lines when it streams in giving a feeling of being in the Mediterranean - a feature that appeals to many customers.


Pergotenda® features a fully retractable canvas roof to be opened or closed as required which allows you to see the sky. This design offers maximum flexibility: in fact, you can enjoy both the benefits of an open-air area and an enclosed, covered environment. Pergotenda® is the patented system of sliding stacking/folding covers that combines innovative materials and waterproof fabric cover, cutting edge technology and sophisticated design.

Pergotenda® can be wall-anchored or freestanding, flat or sloped, open or closed at the sides.

Both the Bioclimatic and Pergotenda can be fitted out with retractable screens or sliding glass panels, which are an excellent solution for continuing to enjoy outdoor spaces and protected from the elements.

For more information on our roof systems, please visit or call us on 0118 984 3486 to book in a site survey.

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