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Our range of Stainless Steel parasols have a simple push-up and locking pin system to allow for easy opening. The 48mm single length pole is extremely strong - much stronger and more robust than parasols with 2-piece poles. The spokes are reinforced meaning you can be worry free if the wind picks up and we carry spare parts that can be easily replaced, meaning the parasols can be refurbished and will last for many years. 


The canopy is made from 300gsm Polyester with a UV resistance to grade 6. We stock 2 vibrant colours and can have bespoke canopies made in Recasens high performance outdoor fabric.


Aruba Stainless Steel 2.5m Parasol Recasens

  • Dimensions

    Pole Diameter 4.8cm

    Parasol Diameter 250cm

    Height 230cm

    Weight 11kg


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