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1.        Add cover

Whether it be a giant umbrella, an awning, a pergola or roof system, adding cover to your outdoor space means that it can be used year round. Adding a roof system with either louvered blades or a fully retractable roof means you can switch between open or closed cover at the touch of a button.

2.        Have a mix of dining and lounge seating

Giving your customers the choice of comfy lounge seating or more formal dining seating is an important factor when designing your outdoor space. The mix will add interest to your space and allow customers the option to relax, spending more time at your venue.

3.        Mixed materials

Make your outdoor space appealing to the eye by mixing materials. Outdoor furniture has evolved so much in the last 10 years and is comfier and more stylish than ever. Rattan is still a popular choice due to its low maintenance and durable properties. Hardwood is making a comeback as people want sustainable and natural materials. Rope furniture has seen a huge growth in the UK market as it is a softer look and has that inside/outside feel. Mix and match rope and timber, rattan and timber or rope and metal for a visually appealing look.

4.        Add colour and texture

This doesn’t necessarily mean bright, out-there colours (although this is great to create a fun space). If you are going for neutral greys or beige, incorporate some complementary shades by using seat cushions, scatter cushions or blankets in patterned or coloured fabrics. These are also easy to change and instantly refresh a tired looking space.

5.        Make it cosy

Adding heat to your outdoor space is essential in the UK climate. There are many options including wall mounted infrared heaters, free standing gas patio heaters, heated cushions and heated table bases – all allowing your customers to sit outside late into the evening. Add some blankets for the ultimate cosy feel.

Add LED lighting to your umbrellas, awnings, pergolas and roof systems in either warm white or RGB which adds ambience and allows customers to use our outdoor space even when the sun goes down.

6.        Add planting

Planters come in many shapes, sizes and materials including timber, metal or rattan depending on your outdoor design and feel. We can add castors allowing them to be easily moved giving you flexibility. Add a variety of planting with different textures and heights – we particularly love adding a mix of grasses in varying heights.


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